Vera S. Vasilieva (sivilia_1) wrote,
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Английская версия сайта "Дело Пичугина"

Друзья, у сайта "Дело Пичугина" появилась английская версия:

Если у кого-либо из вас есть координаты англоязычных журналистов либо просто знакомые иностранцы, интересующиеся темой, то буду вам очень благодарна за распространение среди них нижеприведенного пресс-релиза. Другой вариант – сообщите мне, пожалуйста, контакты тех, кого эта информация может привлечь.

Заранее огромнейшее спасибо!

The English version of the site of Alexey Pichugin convicted within “the YuKOS case” has been launched.


The new site on the case of the former head of the YuKOS’s Economical Security Department Alexey Pichugin is at the address: It includes the information on the first and the second judicial processes:

– the latest news and the news archives;

– reports from the courtroom;

– regularly renewed specified collection of mass-media publications;

– materials of the Defense and the Prosecution;

– personal information;

– and so on.

Alexey Pichugin’s site is organized and supported by private sponsors. The service of professional designers and programmers is paid from charitable gifts. Our activity is based on the gratuitous basis. We do not have any commercial or political motives.

Our main target is to inform the public of the progress in the case of Alexey Pichugin. We just present the facts. We do not distort or conceal them to fit the situation.

We are ready to answer the question and give the commentaries sticking to the facts by e-mail

We invite the journalists to cooperation in our site.

We invite human right defenders to cooperation in the area of information exchange.

We shall be grateful to those who will tell as many Internet users as possible about this resource.

We would be grateful if you could put our banner in your site. You will find banner code in Alexey Pichugin’s site.

Yours faithfully
Administration of Alexey Pichugin’s site
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